Friday, July 26, 2013

Buy Anarkali Suits Online at

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Indian traditional dresses, in this modern era, have attained great idolization worldwide. The elegance and sophistication exuded by Indian dresses has been comprehended by the fashion-obsessed women across the world. There are varieties of Indian traditional dresses, but if we take Indian fashion standards on international level into consideration, there few creations that have become attraction for the world. Sari has undoubtedly been one of such creations since ever, but recently other creations have turned out to be most favored attire among females across the world, and these are Designer Anarkali Suits and Designer Kurtis. However, in this post, we will review the gorgeous anarkali suits for women.

Anarkali suits are certainly one of the most gorgeous Indian creations, which can any feminine persona and make her look fabulous. Impeccable elegance, graceful style, regal appearance, and everything else that a fashion forwarded woman desires is present in designer anarkali suits. Thus, we present a splendid collection of designer anarkali suits, featured in our array of ethnic wear for women.

Simply visit our online boutique to explore wide and voguish range of designer anarkali suits. Varieties in colors, patterns, sizes and designs are available in our collection. So, buy anarkali suits online at, and get enormous elegance and style bestowed to your persona.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ethnic Wear for Women - Monsoon Collection

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Greenery all around and enthralling scent of wet soil has glorified the ambience. As monsoon season has set in, everything has turned out to be pleasant and charming, and so has our collection of ethnic wear for women for the season, showcased at our online boutique. Shakumbhari presents a spanking new collection of ethnic wear for women, which will blend you in with the essence of monsoon and yet make you look outstanding with your own unique fashion statement.
The latest trends in Indian traditional dresses have been intensified with infusion of tropical hues. The ongoing showery season has aroused our creative impulses, which has led us to design and present a splendid collection of Indian dresses for girls, based on Indian ethnicity. Be it designer kurtis, designer anarkali suits or any of the Indian traditional dresses, out creations would not fail to astound you with exquisite designs and classy patterns. Have a look at few of our creations from monsoon collection.

Designer Kurtis for Women

Enliven you fashion brag with these amazing creation is designer kurtis, which will make you look simply fabulous.


Designer Anarkali Suits

Glorify your style statement with invincible panache and modish elegance exuded by our latest creations in designer anarkali suits.


Indian Dresses for Girls

Monsoon is awesome and so has to be your fashion statement for the season. Explore our range of Indian dresses for girl, designer for this special season.


So these are few of the beauties of our monsoon collection of ethnic wear for women. Simply visit our online boutique to buy anarkali suits or to shop designer kurtis, and treat yourself with an amazing graceful fashion statement.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

NEW INS at Shakumbhari

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Ongoing sales event at our store is awesome and we are loving it, and meanwhile our team has created some amazing outfits, which are NEW INS for the season at our online boutique, Monsoon season seems to have a flair for evoking our designing wits, and the seasonal swigs of monsoon certainly have some sparks to exude over our designer team, which has come up with really out-of-this-world dresses that can adorn any feminine appearance. Designs, patterns and hue mixing have been redefined with our spanking new artistic senses. Check out these few of the new ins of our online boutique: 

Tunics for Women 
Going beyond conventional designing, we present some new classy styles in our tops and tunics for women.

Invincible grace and elegance have found new address in India, and that is our designer anarkali suits array showcases at our online boutique.

Medley of western styles with our innovative patterns is what our spanking new collection of western dresses for girls is based on.
Our designer kurtis have turned extra modish and trendy for the season. Featuring amazing patterns and tropical color infusion, these kurtis for women have all that you need to be voguish.

So these are NEW INS for the season, which have been displayed online at our store, Simply visit the store to your temptations mounting up for marvelous creations for the season. Get your vogue harnesses with these new launches and attain unique outstanding style statement. Moreover, the sale is still on, so along with these NEW INS western and Indian dresses for girls, you can indulge shopping for our voguish collection out for sale.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hottest Picks of The Sale at Shakumbhari

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Fashion feast has never been so wonderful as it is now at our online boutique. With the sales event going on, you must be having great time at We are definitely having fun watching Indian women going nuts for our designer kurtis, anarkali suits and for western dresses for girls. Especially some of the picks have turned out to be real attention grabber for fashion forwarded women. Let us have a look at some of the hottest picks of the sale at Shakumbhari.

Designer Kurtis

 White Nehru Collar Kurta
 Cool and Stylish, and a great pick to have in wardrobe.

One Sided Red Kaftan 
A wonder created out of Georgette

 Stone Embroidery Kurta
A fabulous creation that can jazz up your style.

 Printed Cotton  Cambric White Anarkali Tunic

 Fabulous Georgette Kurta that can embellish your appearance.

Western Dresses for Girls

Square Neck Long Western Dress for Girls

Short Sleeve Cotton Printed Pintuck Top

These are some of the picks that have been in the groove at our store. Better hurry up to snatch up such fabulous picks, as in no time these would be sold out. Simply visit our online boutique now to buy anarkali suits or tunics for women, and get fabulous style brag at discounted prices.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Be There or Be Square

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As expected, the ongoing sales event at our online boutique is being a real temptation of the season for fashion enthusiast women in India, and these freaks are crowding in at our store to snatch up their choices from our large and voguish collection. If you are still missing out all the fun and fashion treat, you better consider it now or never. Don’t be a lazybones and miss your chance to acquire unique and fabulous outfits in our extensive collection of western and ethnic wear for women at 50% discount. Simply hop into the fashion ride at our online boutique, and get a treat for your wardrobe with awesome attires, available at discounted prices.

Visit our online boutique now and get the best of the styles and designs in Indian dresses, designer kurtis, long dresses, western dresses for girls and in tunics for women at astounding prices. Get your fashion senses turned on and join the biggest fashion feast of the season at
Be There or Be Square..!
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

End of the Season Sale at Shakumbhari

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Heavens have opened, and the showery season has set in. It’s time to perk up those fashion impulses that have been too hard to resist. It’s time to arouse shopping desires and fall for those fashion temptations that have been driving you crazy. It’s time for end of the season sale at Shakumbhari.

Wish this was an audio blog that would scream, “SALE SALE SALE”

Monsoon season has hit the nation, and swings of things are changing eventually in fashion world. The summer blaze is cooling down a bit, and fashion freaks are being enthusiast about this season of sales events, and so are we about our end of the season sale, on at our online boutique,

All our collections are available at discounted prices in sale, Designer Kurtis, Designer Anarkali Suits, Indian Dresses for Girls, Tunics for Women, and there is a lot more to snatch up from the ongoing sale event at our boutique. From western dresses for girls to ethnic wear for women, every collection of our store is being real crowd puller, and alluring all the fanatical women who are amazed to get fabulous fashion statements at such reasonable prices. So, grab the opportunity and turn on your shopping impulses. Visit our online boutique to explore our splendid voguish collection that would tempt you with such astounding prices.
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